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The Girl on Fire


Trapped in Heaven, Emma’s new book is out now!
The Girl on Fire


 Emma was born in Sussex, England, in the spring, with a great sense of humour. Fortunately. She danced, sang, played the cello and the piano. It was quite clear from a very early age that the art world was where she belonged, finding complete fulfilment in expressing herself in this way.


She worked as a life drawing model for some time, discovering through this work an empowering method of controlling her mind at will, and finding it a surprisingly useful and enjoyable experience. She began to paint, often inspirational, abstract watercolours and acrylics and loved the freedom of expression it gave her. Emma has exhibited her works in Italy and UK.


Her third poetry collection, The Sin of the Siren, has just came out. After the success of the first book, Girl on Fire, and her second anthology, Jzabagodighee, Emma continues writing every day finding solace, release, relief, joy and freedom. A novel will come along soon with also some work devoted solely to children.


After attending music academy in London where she studied classical singing, Emma got rave reviews for her debut as Donna Elvira in Mozart’s Don Giovanni and the Contessa in Le Nozze di Figaro. Then straight to Italy where she started singing Puccini and Verdi. She became the muse of the late great David Bedford who wrote songs for her.
Emma is also a prolific songwriter and she has over 300 copyrighted recorded songs to her name


First the music academy, then classical acting followed, loving the Shakespearean roles most but with a natural bent for comedy. Emma worked for a short time in television and radio, finding voice-over work great fun. She also took the leads in various musical theatre productions both in the UK and internationally as well as plays and even pantomimes!



A song a day

Emma wrote a song a day for a year and earned her living playing them in the top London clubs at that time, The Mean Fiddler, The Orange, The Cafe de Paris…

At a very young age Emma was exposed to Strauss’ Elektra and Wagner’s Tristan and Isolde, that was that. She trained as teenager at a London Music Academy and in her twenties she was described as “sky rocketing to world class as a young dramatic soprano” and getting immediate international concerts dates with wonderful pianist partner Julian Jacobson and singing in United States, Canada, France, Malta, Italy.

Art, Art and more Art

“I didn’t want to be in a ‘sausage factory’, I didn’t want to be put in a box”

Being an all-round artist can be difficult, however the inspiration is always with her. Emma has produced more than 100 paintings, 3 poetry collections and more than 300 songs. Currently she is working on her first novel, which will be published soon, learning new operatic roles and painting almost everyday in her studios both in Italy and England.


  • observer

    “Star of the evening was soprano Emma Darling, her acting as well as her singing is invariably compelling.”

    The Hastings Observer
  • Logo_La_Sicilia

    “Emma Darling, English soprano, delights the audience with her intense voice”

    La Sicilia
  • times

    “Darling’s delivery showes that her lovely soprano is suited to a very wide repertoire showcasing a singer that we will doubtlessly hear more about”

    The Times of Malta